Membership Dues

Your membership dues support the betterment of the Wellington Woods neighborhood. We fund entrance electricity, maintenance of common areas, family activities and capital improvements.
Since residents actively living in the neighborhood are the ones enjoying the benefits of our Civic League through events, lighting, improvements and more we ask all residents either homeowners or renters to be responsible for this annual due amount.
To pay your membership dues, please click the Pay Now button at the bottom of this page to process your payment online.  The 2019 due date for for dues are June 1, 2019 and the annual amount is $22. per household either renters or homeowners., You can pay at any time in 2019 for the annual dues, however June 2nd and beyond the price is $25.

Note the PayPal method is preferred for ease of use by all, including WWCL.  There are no extra fees and you can pay via credit card or via your PayPal account…either way that is easiest and you will also receive an automated receipt.

You can also download our 2019 Dues Invoice and mail a payment as well.  Click here to download Printable Membership Renewal instructional document
New to the neighborhood, you can join at any time during the year. You will immediately be on this invite list to join and meet your neighbors.  As a member, with a verified home address, you will also receive updated email invites to our social functions and meetings.

Annual dues: $22.00 per household
Due by June 1, 2019.  After this date the dues are $25. and you can pay any time in 2019.

Click the PayPal Button below to submit a payment to Wellington Woods Civic League.  You can pay direct with a card or with a PayPal account.
If you are looking to make a donation to our annual scholarship fund more info is available on our Scholarship program tab within this website.

Receipts for electronic Payments are automatically generated with online payments

To make Scholarship Fund Donations